Healers of Hope

Clerics are the most defensively orientated of all the classes. Most of their spells focus on healing or defending the faithful. Clerics are the best class by far at healing magic, and they possess an impressive array of protective magics, as well as fair combat prowess.


  • mace – the weapon of choice for any cleric
  • scan – allows you to search nearby rooms for monsters
  • meditation- recover your mana quickly
  • scrolls – allows you to study and cast spells written on parchment
  • staves – brandish staves for calling forth magics


  • combat – communes used in combat
  • convocation – communes that call for direct divine intervention
  • death – communes to drain or empower the life force
  • healing – communes to alter the physical health
  • protection – communes that grant protection

Class Story Quests

  • missions of mercy
  • healing spire resurrections
  • relic hunting