Defenders of Nature

Druids are the healers of the forest. Maces and especially staves are a druid’s preferred weapon in combat. Their talents often have a focus on the natural world. They can cast an extremely wide variety of spells.


  • animal – training the ability to tame animals
  • mace – the ability to fight with maces, clubs, and hammers
  • hand to hand – the art of fighting without a weapon
  • scrolls – allows you to study and cast magics written on parchment
  • scan – allows you to search nearby rooms for monsters


  • animal – summons the powers of nature’s animals
  • land – summons that offers resistance to the elements
  • plant – summons that call on the vegetation


  • autumn summons related to the autumnal seasons
  • spring summons related to the vernal seasons
  • summer summons related to the summer seasons
  • winter summons related to the winter seasons

Class Story Quests

  • defending nature
  • training animal companions
  • creating natural cures and medicines