Danger Lurks Here

Thieves are specialists at stealing and covert actions. They are capable of entering areas undetected that more powerful adventurers would fear to explore. All thieves begin with the dagger combat skill and know how to steal.


  • backstab – the art of attacking from the shadows
  • dagger – the weapon of choice for thieves, ideal for backstabbing
  • dodge – avoid blows in combat
  • hide – the art of remaining undetected in a room
  • mace – the use of maces and other blunt weapons
  • peek – used to look into a person’s belongings prior to stealing
  • dirt kicking – skill of trickery to blind your victim with dirt
  • sneak – move undetected from room to room
  • steal – any thief is adept in retrieving objects
  • pick lock – a useful skill for breaking and entering
  • disarm – used to deprive your opponent of his weapon
  • second attack – with training, the skilled thief can hit twice as fast

Class Story Quests

  • pick-pocketing specified targets
  • burglarizing homes and businesses
  • bank heists