Arastoo – The Archivist

Lawful Good

One tends to see patterns in the way events transpire or do not transpire. The greatest of changes sometimes depend on the smallest of the circumstances. – Arastoo

Arastoo is a fragment of Phaedra’s own mind within in The Dream. He is the first to arrive at the creation of each new iteration of The Dream and records The Eternal Histories. He has nearly omnipotent knowledge. Discovering his true intentions is an obsession for many of his followers.

The Lady Fausta – Goddess of Chance

True Neutral

There’s no reason to walk around with dice that aren’t loaded or a coin that doesn’t have two heads. – Fausta

The Lady Fausta has been gifted with wondrous powers over fate and fortune. “Lady Luck” receives prayers from a wide variety of followers. She can bless those that earn her favor. Those that earn her ire will find themselves hapless before the grand misfortunes that plague them.

Kyranos The Sorcerer King

Kyranos – The Sorcerer King

Lawful Evil

I have sailed the cosmic seas and I know the power there. The means to change fate should belong to us all. Follow me and make this world our own! – Kyranos

Kyranos offers his people protection but his iron grip brokers no freedom for those living in his kingdom. Most of the Dusk Elves worship The Sorcerer King as their living god. They have seen first hand the destructive and controlling magical strength of their leader.

Phaedra – The Dreamer

Chaotic Good

Everything, that has ever been and everything that will ever be, exists only in my mind. – Phaedra

The followers of Phaedra believe that the cosmos are but a vivid dream and the goddess of light is the dreamer. The fate of reality hangs in the balance as Phaedra struggles to keep the dream intact.


Zanthi – God of Destruction

Chaotic Evil

Enslave yourself to me or die. The world is ending and only I can spare you.  I will give you the gift of eternal torment instead of the oblivion that will claim all others. – Zanthi

Cultists of Zanthi are unable to deny that the dream is unraveling. The end times are upon us and only the cultists sworn to serve Zanthi will be spared during the destruction of the cosmos. There is no other hope.